Concept Artist

Video Game | Film | Animation

Alexander Ward | Professional Concept & 2D Artist

My name is Alexander Ward and I’m a professional Concept & 2D Artist in the Video Game industry, with additional experience with pre-production and concept roles in the Film and Animation industry.
Work ranging from Set Design, 2D Animation, Storyboards, Conceptual Art, Layout & Background Painting, Character Design and Production Design.
I have exceptional knowledge of many programs used in the creation of these mediums, a strong work ethic and a lot of experience working in production teams.

Take a look at my Resume for details on my work history: Resume/CV

I have a visual guide to my work history, that is a more engaging way to view my experience: Visual Work History

  • Worked for over 2 years conceptualising and designing AAA games at the Video Game studio FreestyleGames(Activision).
  • Shipped a AAA game ‘DJ Hero 2’ for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. 
  • Designed all the sets for a feature stop-motion film (currently in production).
  • Worked in China creating the Art Direction for a feature animated film.
  • Graduated from top UK 2D Animation university.
  • Short animation screened at festivals.
  • Additional interest in filmmaking with over 300k views on personal youtube channel.