A visual guide to some of my work history.

Designing DJ Hero 2

I spent 2 years working at the Video game company FreestyleGames(Activision). Here I joined early on the production of the game ‘DJ Hero 2′. I worked with the 3D Environment Artist department with 5 others. My role in this team was to create production packs of each of the DJ club venues, working with the Environment Artists to ensure the designs translated well into 3D in-game assets. This process helped me to understand creating concepts for 3D environments. The production packs for each club venue involved doing a series of atmosphere paintings as well as detailed architectural drawings of the venues and props from multiple angles. Some of these were fully painted and some additional elements were quick sketches provided to elaborate on areas of the design, based on feedback from the 3D Environments on what they required to successfully create in-game assets of the designs.

I stayed with the production until the game was shipped successfully. I had other roles utilising my art and animation skills here, such as animating all the video screen animations (including the animations on Deadmau5’s helmet, as seen in a video below, which also shows my designs created in-game)

An example of one of my designs built in the game.

Another example of one of my level designs, also with a focus on my video screen animations, which had to be very low file sizes.

Further Work With FreestyleGames

I stayed with the FreestyleGames after the game was shipped successfully and proceeded to work with a team of 2 other Concept Artists to conceptualise new Video Game concepts.

Cognitive Media

I worked with Cognitive media to create the backgrounds for the following animation below.

Forest Painting Series

A series of layout and background paintings in the theme of an enchanted forest. Here you can see how I create thumbnail ideas before proceeding ahead with final designs.

Traditional Painting and Gallery Work

Outside of my industry jobs I hold a keen love for traditional painting and have my work exhibited at various art events.

A timelapse video showing the entire creation of one of my traditional paintings.

Junior Heroes Animation Design

Various commissions from the studio Junior Heroes, creating designs for animation concepts.

Some rough thumbnails before I created the storyboards and animatic for a promotional trailer for one of their animation concepts.

Back to the Sea - Design for Animation

My work here involved defining the style of the backgrounds and characters for the feature film ‘Back to the Sea’ in China. I was repsonsible for creating a range of artwork to find the art style as well as overseeing other members of the team as all the many characters and backgrounds of the film were created.

Earth 2.0

An environmental documentary I worked on. Creating storyboards, animation and production designs to launch their project.


I graduated from one of the top animation schools in the UK (arguably the best).
I was already quite experienced creating my own animations before I studied officially at this university. The first year on this course allowed me to expand on my knowledge of 2D animation and various disciplines involved in the process such as; layout design, background painting, storyboards and design.
In the second year of university we were assigned to work on third year graduation films as part of small production teams. My role during this year was as a traditional animator and found a knack for animating sequences that involved a lot of character emotion. (I animated many sequences where the character was crying!)
In my third year I worked with 2 of my peers as we co-directed and short animation, enlisting the help of many second and first year student to help complete the short film.
I worked on many of the animation concepts and together we storyboarded and visualised how this short animation would look. In the production process I was responsible to both animation and background design, along with directing other team members to ensure the best quality animation was created. The finished product was screened at various animation festivals around the world.

In-Progress Animation Project

Storyboards for a personal animation project.

Miscellaneous Freelance Commissions

Various freelance commissions.


 I also have an interest in filmmaking and have produced various independent film content including a 30 minute documentary on Shamanic cultures in the Peruvian Amazon, which was screened at various festivals. All helping me to have a good understanding of the narrative medium through art.

See my film showreel and independent documentary below.