I am a Bachelor of Arts graduate in Traditional Animation from the Arts University in Bournemouth and have worked as a Set Designer for the Stop-Motion film ‘Chuck Steel’ (UK), an Art Director for the animated feature film ‘Back to the Sea’ (China) and as a Conceptual Artist for the studio ‘FreestyleGames(Activision)’ for video-games such as ‘DJ Hero 2’ (UK).

I have also been continually proactive in my work as a Freelance Artist  with my own initiated artistic projects. This has involved travelling to the Amazon Jungle to direct and edit an independent documentary that has screened at various festivals/conventions around the world, having my original paintings hosted (and sold) and working with publishers on book concepts.

My Art Book ‘Jungle Visions’ will be released September 2016.

I have exceptional knowledge in 2D painting applications and a good foundation in traditional methods. I also have some experience in 3D applications. Alongside my conceptual skills I have experience in Storyboards, Animation, and Editing.


Set Designer at Immortal Pictures
November 2013 – July 2014 (9 months)
My work here involved designing the sets for the feature stop motion film ‘Chuck Steel’. I was resonsible for creating a range of production packs for each set location in the film, creating full set drawings from exteriors to interiors, including all the various props that would feature in each of the sets. These set designs would then be moved onto the set builders, to build the sets from my designs. I also assisted in the creation of storyboards for this feature film.

Concept Artist at FreeStyleGames (Activision)
February 2010 – March 2012 (2 years 2 months)
My work here involved being on the full production cycle to shipping the 90+ Metacritic rated game DJ HERO 2. I was responsible for designing levels and environments, working closely with five 3D Artists within the Environment Art department, ensuring my designs translated well into 3D game assets. I also produced front end artwork (and general production artwork) and produced storyboards to assist in the narratives of the games. After the game was shipped I worked in a department with two other concept artist to produce concepts and visualisations for new game concepts.

Conceptual Artist at Earth 2 Productions
October 2009 – December 2009 (3 months)
Documentary and cross media project ‘Earth 2.0’. A project based on re-establishing a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, using art, science and digital creativity.
I teamed up with the Director of this project during it’s conception to visualise and ground the visions the director had of this project. Creating many concepts, sketches and storyboards. Also creating a coherent pre-production pack to collect together the vision in a way that can be presented and pitched to investors. Throughout this project I gained an in-depth first hand experience of how grassroots creative projects can grow from a couple people talking of concepts to pitching ideas to investors. Applying myself to many different roles and learning new skills all to forward the progress of a project I am invested in.

Environment Concept Artist at Junior Heroes
July 2009 – September 2009 (3 months)
Environment conceptual artist for the television cartoon series ‘Legends of the Tide’. I Also created the storyboards for their promo trailer.

Art Director / Production Designer at Glory & Dream Digital Studio
December 2008 – May 2009 (6 months)
In this role, in close collaboration with the Project Director, I was responsible for creating a range of artwork to develop the art style of the animated film ‘Back to the Sea’. Alongside creating and developing the designs myself, I was also required to oversee and direct other members of the team to ensure consistent design across the many characters and backgrounds in the film.
I was an integral part of the production team, that required of me so much more than just art. In forging close connections with other team members, keeping morale and to provide a strong presence for them to have faith and respect for me as a production leader, and hence the production.

Conceptual Artist at Junior Heroes
September 2008 – November 2008 (3 months)
Creating design concepts for Animation pitches, this would include character and background concepts, character model sheets, storyboards and animatics that would be sent oversees to be animated. It required great knowledge in what animation is possible within the project funds and creating designs that could easily be followed by people in other countries.

Conceptual Artist at Net Giant
August 2006 – September 2006 (2 months)
Month long work placement exchange in China. Working as a Concept Artist for the Animated feature ‘Eurasia’ in Nanjing/China.

Various Freelance Work at Wardyworks
I have been continually proactive in my work as a Freelance Artist and pushing forward with my own artistic projects; initiated by myself. This has involved travelling to the Amazon Jungle to direct and edit an independent documentary that has screened at various festivals/conventions around the world. I have had my own original paintings hosted at events (and sold) in my growing reputation as an artist. I’ve been working with publishers on a graphic novel based on some of my own life experiences, which has been a process of pitching concepts, writing, developing, understanding target audiences, holding a disciplined focus to evolve these longer personal projects bit by bit over time.

An Art Book of mine will be released September 2016.

Working extensively with my freelance work, I have taken on many industry commissions
from environment conceptual art and storyboards for animated TV shows. To more independent commissions involving the design of album covers, music videos and branding.

I have worked with the small ceramic painting studio ‘Madhatters Craft Studio’ to host young children’s parties, where we assist them in the painting of various ceramic models.


BA (hons) Animation Production at The Arts Institute in Bournemouth
One of the top animation schools in the UK (arguably the best).
I was already quite experienced creating my own animations before I studied officially at this university. The first year on this course allowed me to expand on my knowledge of 2D animation and various disciplines involved in the process such as; layout design, background painting, storyboards and design.
In the second year of university we were assigned to work on third year graduation films as part of small production teams. My role during this year was as a traditional animator and found a knack for animating sequences that involved a lot of character emotion. (I animated many sequences where the character was crying!)
In my third year I worked with 2 of my peers as we co-directed and short animation, enlisting the help of many second and first year student to help complete the short film.
I worked on many of the animation concepts and together we storyboarded and visualised how this short animation would look. In the production process I was responsible to both animation and background design, along with directing other team members to ensure the best quality animation was created. The finished product was screened at various animation festivals around the world.

ND Multimedia at Warwickshire College
I studied for 2 years at an arts college, learning animation and design techniques, learning to become very proficient and digital software that would enhance my artistic vision.

  • Concept Art
  • Art Direction
  • Background Painting
  • Layout Design
  • Storyboards
  • Animatic & Editing Rhythm
  • 2D Animation
  • After Effects
  • Painter
  • Photoshop

Daniel Lish – Concept Artist & illustrator

“Alex is a highly creative individual who works well to tight deadlines and responds well to project direction. His technical skill is fantastic as well as his knowledge in the field of digital and traditional Art. He also very capable of adapting to different styles and themes, working well with other team members.”

Gareth Morrison – Creative Director at FreeStyleGames

“I have worked indirectly with Alex for 2 years and recently became Alex’s senior at Freestyle for the last 6 months. I have been working closely with Alex and found him to have a great positive attitude towards his work and other people on the team. Alex has taken on many projects throughout his time at Freestyle and has given each project 100% of his creative energy. He shows good professionalism by Actively seeking out new ideas and angles to tackle game prototypes and game designs at the concept stage then bring those ideas to great finished pieces. Alex is a very talented artist and will no doubt succeed at anything he puts his hand to. I wish him all the best for the future.”

Marti Romances – Art Director en Territory Studio

“I worked with Alex creating concepts for our videogame. Creating ideas from scratch with him was a pleasure, his creativity is unlimited and when he start recreating all his ideas in paper you understand why Alex is a great Concept Artist. In just a few minutes he can materialise any situation with his pencils and a piece of paper.  In the digital aspect Alex is a photoshop gurú and he know how to create high end and polished final images in time with the deadlines. Working either in the 2D or 3D Alex can provide concepts for a different bunch of purposes, from cartoony concepts to hyper realist matte paintings. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with him again.”

Anthony Callaghan – Lead Modeller at Brown Bag Films

“As part of the environment team at Freestyle Games I worked with Alex closely on concepts he conceived for various projects. Alex has great imagination and an innate ability to bring those imaginings to life in his concepts, delivering great visuals very quickly. His work is vibrant and dynamic. Alex is very approachable and amenable to feedback, and along with a great work ethic, this made it a pleasure to work alongside him.”

Phil Bale – Environment Lead Artist at FreeStyleGames

“Alex is a highly talented concept artist, adept at various drawing styles and able to produce high quality concept drawings for the environment team as well as for promotional material. Alex is organized with his working practices and passionate about learning new techniques developing his art skills.”